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Category Archives: Premises Liability


What Duties Do Landowners Owe Children?

By Craig D. Earnhart, P.A. |

Florida landowners generally don’t owe a duty of care to people who trespass on their property. The law makes an exception, however, for children. This exception is called the “attractive nuisance” doctrine, and it holds landowners responsible when children trespass onto the property because of an attractive object. If your child has been injured… Read More »

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Injuries at the Airport

By Craig D. Earnhart, P.A. |

Flying is stressful. Increased security after 9/11 requires that you arrive at the airport earlier than ever, and once you get to your gate you face cranky airline personnel and overbooked flights. It’s enough to make travel by car or bus look attractive. Unfortunately, many people can also be injured at the airport. Modern… Read More »

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