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Did You Slip & Fall In A Grocery Store?


Virtually everyone shops for groceries each week, so it is not surprising that many slip and fall accidents happen in grocery stores. In addition to foot traffic, grocery stores have been additional hazards that can easily send a person tumbling end over end.

At Earnhart Law, we will fight to get our clients the most favorable settlement possible following a grocery store slip and fall. Contact a Delray Beach premises liability lawyer to learn more.

Why People Slip & Fall Inside Grocery Stores

There are many hazards in these stores, including:

  • Water accumulation. Many stores even have automatic “misting” of their vegetables, which can lead to liquid accumulation in the produce aisle. It is very easy to slip.
  • Freshly mopped or waxed floors. The tiles can become very slick with even just a little moisture or a fresh coat of wax. Stores should put out signs warning customers, but many forget.
  • Some stores lay down carpets, especially in the produce aisle, to soak up the moisture. But these carpets create problems of their own and can lead to a trip and fall.
  • Items in the aisle. Some items will fall off shelves and surprise a person, who can trip over them.
  • Debris or trash. Slips of paper, plastic bags, cardboard, and other debris can litter the floor. An unwary visitor can slip and fall.

These are only some of the more common hazards. Add in carts that don’t work, poor lighting, and unhelpful layouts, and we are surprised that grocery stores do not see more accidents.

What to Do after Falling

If you fell, then you should quickly document whatever made you fall. It is hard to explain in words the hazard that you confronted and caused you to fall. Ideally, you will use your smartphone to get a few pictures of the puddle of water or mislaid carpet. If you do not have a phone on you—or if you are badly injured—ask someone to get pictures for you.

You should also report the incident to the store. Any hazard that caused you to fall poses a continuing threat to other people. Notifying the store gives them a chance to protect the public. You should also get any information, such as the name of the store’s insurer or claims department.

Also remember to get medical treatment. Many fall injuries take a couple days to manifest, especially back injuries or head injuries. Pay attention to how you are feeling and ask for a second opinion if the first doctor tells you that you are fine.

Reaching a Settlement with a Grocery Store

Large chains typically have in-house claims departments that injured victims must deal with. These departments can be very unhelpful, unfortunately. They might stonewall you or demand that you give a recorded statement when you don’t feel up to it.

Get the legal help you need by contacting Earnhart Law today. Whether you fell in a large chain or a small Mom & Pops, you have legal rights to compensation. Our lawyers have obtained money to pay for medical care and replace lost wages. Contact us today.

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