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Category Archives: Traumatic Brain Injury


Your “Mild” Concussion Might Cost Tens of Thousands of Dollars

By Craig D. Earnhart, P.A. |

Unlike burns, cuts, lacerations, and compound fractures, brain injuries are often invisible. When you suffer a jarring blow to your head or body, your brain can jiggle around inside your skull. Because of this sudden movement, your brain might start working abnormally. These changes can dramatically impact your life, costing you substantial sums of… Read More »

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Motorcycle Accidents Can Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries

By Craig D. Earnhart, P.A. |

Motorcycling is a popular hobby in Florida. According to statistics, over half a million motorcycles are registered in the state, and thousands of enthusiasts visit from out of state on their bikes. Because there are so many bikes on the road, you should not be surprised that Florida is one of the states with… Read More »

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