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Treating a Concussion after an Accident


Brain injuries are some of the hardest injuries for our clients to make a comeback from. These injuries sometimes take a day or two to manifest, which makes it all the more surprising that their symptoms can linger for months, possibly years.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) stem from any violent shaking of the head, which can jiggle the brain in the skull. The head does not need to suffer a direct blow, though it usually does. Instead, any powerful blow to the body can whip the head back and forth, which can lead to a TBI like a concussion. For example, many motorists get a concussion when they are rear-ended and suffer whiplash simultaneously.

How can you improve your chances of recovering from a brain injury? Begin by getting immediate medical treatment after your accident and following the tips below.

Reduce Eye Strain

Treating a concussion essentially requires trying to manage symptoms. Many people experience headaches and dizziness after a blow to the head. For this reason, Healthline recommends that you limit the amount of time you spend on the computer or watching television. This includes limiting the amount of cell phone use after an accident. Instead, try to unwind by listening to soft music or talking with your family.


You don’t have to remain bedridden to recover from a concussion. However, you should ensure that you get sufficient rest for a few reasons. One, it can help you rebuild your strength. Two, getting proper rest ensures you will not suffer a second concussion. Many people are dizzy and have impaired coordination or balance after a concussion. Being up and about increases the odds you will fall and possibly strike your head on something.

Manage Pain Smartly

Being in constant pain can reduce your quality of life and depress your mood. Ask your doctor what you should take to treat the headaches and neck stiffness that often accompany a concussion. Never take more painkillers than a doctor prescribes and ask for another appointment if the current pain management plan isn’t working.

Massage Tense Muscles

Is your neck tense? Your shoulders? Enjoy a massage to relax muscles. One study showed that receiving massage therapy improved a patient’s balance, motion, and ability to concentrate. He also reported no longer needing pain medication after two massage treatments.

Participate in Physical Therapy

Those with a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury might take physical therapy to help them with coordination, balance, and basic movements. You should attend all physical therapy sessions. Other patients might receive speech, behavioral, or occupational therapy, which are also important. The most improvement is usually seen in those who start physical therapy soon.

Be Patient

It takes time for concussion symptoms to disappear. This can be a very frustrating experience, and you might find yourself pushing too hard to get better. You should avoid this. Instead, continue to follow your doctor’s treatment plan and try to get in the right mindset.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, Earnhart Law is here to help. One of our Delray Beach car accident lawyers can discuss your accident in a free consultation if you call 561-265-2220.


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