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How to Reduce Distracted Driving


Life only seems to speed up. As a result, many people feel that they need to cram more work into fewer hours each day. Although multi-tasking can often lead to efficiency gains at work, it is rarely a good idea to do two things at once when driving a motor vehicle.

Unfortunately, distracted driving is not decreasing, so it is up to everyone to commit to being safer drivers in 2019. Below, we offer the best tips for keeping your eyes on the road.

Keep Animals Restrained

By now, everyone hopefully knows they need to buckle children up in an approved child or booster seat. But our pets are probably even greater distractions on the road, and unfortunately too many people allow them to run free. Imagine how hard it will be to keep control of your vehicle if your dog noses his way to the front.

The type of pet restraint you use will depend on the size of your animal. Small dogs and cats can go into a crate or kennel. Larger dogs might need a harness that you can attach to a seat belt.

Put Away the Phone

Some people are addicted to their phones, and addictions are hard to break. We can tell you to turn your phone off and stow it away while driving, but chances are you will still reach for it. Instead, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Lock your phone in the trunk, if you have to. This way you can’t reach it while driving, but you can get to it if your car breaks down.
  • Download an app that will help you keep the phone turned off. These apps are a good way to slowly wean yourself off text messaging, emails, and phone calls.

If you absolutely must send a message, pull over to the side of the road so that you will be safe.

Don’t Eat on the Road

Eating is a definite distraction, especially if you have an accident and spill hot soup all over yourself or try to pick up a hamburger that you dropped on the mat. But refusing to eat has another benefit: you’ll probably lose weight. Eating while driving is a lot like eating while watching TV—you have no idea how much you have consumed. Commit to making 2019 a “food free” year for your car.

Avoid Reaching

Accidents can occur if you reach for anything far away from you in the car. Try to avoid the following while the vehicle is moving:

  • Don’t reach for a toy your child has dropped on the floor. Tell them you will get it when you next stop.
  • Don’t dig through the glove compartment box for tissues or napkins. Keep some near the driver’s seat.
  • Don’t reach for your phone sitting on the seat beside you.
  • Don’t reach over to roll down a window.

By reaching, you not only take your eyes off the road, but you remove a hand from the steering wheel. Instead, wait until you are stopped at an intersection before getting what you need.

Car Accident Attorneys in Delray Beach

Earnhart Law has helped injured motorists for more than three decades. If you have been injured in an accident, a distracted driver might be to blame. We can help you seek a settlement or, if necessary, file a lawsuit for compensation.

Please contact us right away by calling 561-265-2220 to schedule a free consultation with a Delray Beach auto accident lawyer.


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