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Hip Fractures


A hip fracture is a fairly common injury after a car accident or slip and fall. The hip plays a critical role in stability and mobility, and any injury can cause incredible pain. Hip injuries have a well-earned reputation for being some of the worst that a person can suffer, and hip fractures might be the worst injury of all. Injured victims are looking at several months of difficult recovery.

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Signs You Have a Hip Fracture

Some of the more common symptoms of a hip fracture include:

  • Severe pain coming from the hip
  • Swelling in the hip area
  • Bruises on the hip
  • Inability to move after an accident
  • One leg being shorter than the other

If you suspect that you have a hip injury, immediately go to the doctor who can order tests to correctly diagnose a fracture. An X-ray or CT scan can provide a close view of the bones, which aid in diagnosis.

Complications with Hip Fractures

Many complications can be life threatening, so someone who has broken their hip should pay close attention to how they are feeling and contact a doctor right away. Many complications stem from the patient being immobilized for weeks or more. Doctors will try to get patients moving as soon as possible, but serious hip fractures can keep someone off their feet for months.

Some complications include:

  • Compression sores from being bedridden
  • Blood clots in legs or lungs
  • Pneumonia
  • Urinary tract infection

Some fractures will also cut off blood flow to the hip area, especially when the bone slices or presses against veins. Without immediate intervention, a patient could suffer serious loss of muscle and even bone.

Treating a Hip Fracture

The primary focus of treatment is to stabilize the broken bone to facilitate healing. Some patients need surgery where a doctor inserts screws, sometimes to a metal plate that runs the length of the femur. Surgery has many complications also, including a risk of infection, so this is not something a patient should take lightly.

Depending on the injury, some patients need a partial or total hip replacement. According to the Mayo Clinic, a total hip replacement is often a cost-effective option, especially for people who have been living independently. With a total replacement, the socket and upper femur are replaced.

Many patients will also need months of grueling rehabilitation to help them relearn how to walk, as well as pain management. Rehabilitation is a critical part of recovery, so patients should stick to any rehab plan closely so they can make as much improvement as possible.

Have You Suffered a Hip Fracture? Call Us

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