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Dump Truck Accidents


Dump trucks transport soil and gravel for construction projects as well as refuse for disposal at dumps. However, dump truck accidents can be tragic, and they regularly make the news around the country. In Idaho, for example, a dump truck overturned on an interstate highway and spilled sand, blocking traffic for hours.

If you are injured by a dump truck, we encourage you to contact a Delray Beach truck accident lawyer at Earnhart Law. You will need to move quickly to hold the driver or the truck company responsible for your injuries.

Flying Cargo

Dump trucks are particularly dangerous because they are open at the top, which allows material to come flying out of the truck and onto traffic. For example, a dump truck might be transporting scrap metal on the freeway when some metal flies out the top. The metal can either strike vehicles directly or cause them to swerve, which in turn sends them ping-ponging off other vehicles.

The chances of losing a load increases when dump truck operators are careless in how they load material. Often, a tarp or lid is necessary to contain materials, but some companies try to cut corners or are pressed for time so they don’t use proper restraints.


Dump trucks are at a high risk of getting into collisions with smaller, lighter passenger vehicles. Many dump truck drivers are paid by the amount of cargo they haul, which creates an incentive to carry too much. As a result, these heavier trucks take longer to stop and are harder to maintain control of. A dump truck driver can therefore crash into vehicles stopped at intersections or slam into vehicles going slower on the highway.

Even worse, the loaded material can come spilling out of the dump truck after an accident, spilling and crushing nearby cars.

Tip Overs

Dump trucks are also at risk of rolling over onto their side, called a “tip over.” This action can spill cargo all over the road, landing on vehicles and shutting down traffic. The truck can also crunch smaller vehicles in the adjacent lane.

Dump trucks are at an increased risk of tipping over when the box is raised. The truck can become unstable for the following reasons:

  • Material does not run down to the bottom of the box
  • The dump truck rests on a surface that is not level
  • Wind can hit the box, increasing instability
  • The box is overloaded with material
  • There is a problem with the truck, such as its rear-end suspension or inadequate lifting systems, that increases instability

Because many dump trucks transport dangerous material, a tip over could prove disastrous for those nearby.

We Can Represent You in a Dump Truck Accident

Earnhart Law has handled all kinds of accidents involving commercial vehicles, including dump trucks. If you have been hurt, you should seek compensation to cover your expenses.

Please reach out to one of our Delray Beach truck accident attorneys today. We offer members of the public a free consultation, which you can schedule by calling 561-265-2220.




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