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How to Avoid Tractor-Trailer Accidents


Large commercial trucks like tractor-trailers are some of the most dangerous vehicles on Florida’s highways. Transporting goods around the country, these big rigs are vital to the state’s economy. Unfortunately, they can also cause life-altering injuries when they collide with a passenger vehicle.

To protect your safety, remember the following tips for minimizing your chances of being involved in an accident.

Maintain a Safe Distance

You should never tailgate any vehicle, including commercial trucks. Because trailers sit high above the road, it is very easy for a passenger car to become wedged underneath if the truck driver stops too suddenly. Many people can die or suffer devastating injuries in these underride accidents.

Always maintain a safe distance, usually 20 car lengths between you and the truck. If weather is bad or visibility is low, then increase the distance. You should also increase the distance if you are following a truck uphill. The driver might struggle to shift gears, which could cause the truck to slow dramatically.

Change Lanes with Care

Big rigs have many large blind spots where they cannot see a vehicle behind them. These blind spots are usually in the back of the truck and on the sides. When you go to pass a truck, or even pull out into the other lane, a truck driver might not see you and instead pull out into the lane also. It is very easy to collide, and a passenger vehicle will get the worst of the collision.

When passing, remember to do so quickly. You can also honk your horn to let the driver know where you are.

A good rule of thumb is that a truck driver probably cannot see you if you cannot see them. Always try to maneuver yourself into a position where you are visible.

Use Turn Signals

Truck drivers, like other motorists, cannot read our minds. If you are travelling in front of a truck, you should definitely use your turn signals. Don’t simply hit the brakes, since trucks need more time to come to a stop. It is highly likely that the truck following you can crash into your fender and possible ride over a portion of your vehicle if you stop too abruptly.

Allow for Wide Turns

You might be stopped at an intersection when you see a tractor-trailer waiting across the intersection. If the truck needs to make a turn, you should give it as much room as necessary. You don’t want to be pinched or swiped by the trailer as the driver completes the turn.

Speak to Earnhart Law after a Truck Accident

In Delray Beach, there is only one firm to contact after a serious truck accident. At Earnhart Law, we have been representing injured victims for over three decades. We know how to maximize our clients’ compensation, and we are not afraid to go up against some of the biggest trucking companies in the state.

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