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Children & Shopping Cart Accidents


Few people think of shopping carts as dangerous, but thousands of accidents occur each year because of them. Young children, in particular, are vulnerable to injury when parents place their children in the cart. Although this might seem like a good idea to restrain a busy and curious child, parents are exposing their children to potential injury.

At Earnhart Law, our Delray Beach premises liability attorneys represent clients injured when a property owner fails to use sufficient care. If a grocery store put a damaged cart in service, they might be legally liable if you or your child is injured. Contact us today.

Statistics on Shopping Car Accidents

The statistics are eye-opening. For example, Nationwide Children’s Hospital reports that nearly 66 children are treated for shopping cart injuries every single day. A separate study published in Pediatrics found that over 20,000 of the children treated in emergency rooms were under the age of 5.

Although many injuries were minor, around 4% of those who visit the emergency room must be admitted to the hospital because of their injuries. Some of them might end up permanently disabled, depending on the seriousness of the accident.

Types of Injuries

Most children are injured when they fall from the shopping cart. Consequently, they can suffer the types of injuries we see in fall accidents:

  • Fractures
  • Contusions
  • Neck injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis

There is also an emotional side to any injury that a child suffers. Children often cannot process an accident the way an adult could and might develop a strong fear of shopping carts and grocery stores as a result of the accident. When in distress, children can become angry, irritable, and anxious. They might have trouble sleeping or even leaving the home.

What Causes Shopping Cart Accidents?

There are many reasons that a child could be injured on a shopping cart. Some of the more common include:

  • Faulty construction that causes the shopping cart to have a high center of gravity. Carts are more likely to tip over in these situations, especially if a child leans to the side.
  • Defective restraints, which allow the child to slip out of the cart and fall.
  • Loose wheels that can fall off the cart, rendering it unstable.
  • Leg holes that are too large and allow a child to fall through.
  • Carts that are difficult to control or maneuver.

It is important to reconstruct the accident so that we can identify whether our clients are possibly entitled to compensation. Some business establishments allow carts to fall into disrepair, which puts them on the hook when a customer is injured by the cart. In other situations, the cart might have come from the manufacturer with a defect, such as a faulty design.

Speak with a Delray Beach Premises Liability Attorney Today

At Earnhart Law, we can fight for compensation when your child is injured in a shopping cart accident. We will meet with you to discuss the accident and possibly inspect the cart that injured your child. Call 561-265-2220 to schedule your free consultation.




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