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4 Types of Parking Lot Accidents


A surprising number of car accidents happen in parking lots, and motorists and pedestrians can suffer serious injuries. Even at low speeds, car are large and heavy objects, which can cause significant damage. You would be best served to avoid any type of collision when pulling in or out of a lot.

Here are the 4 most common type of collisions, along with tips for how to avoid them.

A Car Rear Ends Another Car at a Stop Sign

Often because a driver is not paying attention, they end up slamming into the rear end of another car. In this situation, the trail car is usually at fault for the collision since the driver should have provided enough of a cushion to allow them to brake in time.

To avoid this type of collision, put your phone away. If you want to check emails or text messages, you should do so while your car is still parked. Once you shift into drive, all distractions should be put aside.

Two Cars Back into Each Other

This type of accident occurs when two drivers are backing out of their parking spots at the same time. The car that started backing up first has the right of way, so the other vehicle should stop and let it back out before attempting to pull out. If both cars started backing out at the same time, then they might share liability for the crash.

To protect yourself, always back up slowly, looking in your rearview mirror. As soon as you see another vehicle backing up, you can stop and wait for it to pull out of the spot and into traffic.

A Driver Backs Out into Oncoming Traffic

It can be very difficult to see around vehicles, especially vans and SUVs that are parked beside you. As a result, when you back out of your parking spot, you might strike someone passing by. If you do hit them, then you are probably responsible for the collision.

To minimize the risks, use extreme caution, looking over your right-hand shoulder as you back out. Also ask a passenger to stand out in the lane to check whether traffic is approaching and to signal when it is all clear to go.

Two Vehicles Crash when Vying for the Same Parking Space

During the holidays, parking spots are scarce. Many drivers hit the accelerator as soon as they see a spot open up. When two vehicles coming in opposite direction aim for the same spot, they can collide.

In these situations, drivers who are trying to make a right-hand turn into the spot has the right of way. Drivers who are turning left must yield, so they probably bear responsibility for the crash.

Most of these crashes are caused by impatience, not a failure to see the other driver, and there is no easy way to increase parking spaces. Shopping during off-peak hours is probably your best bet, otherwise prepare to park far away from the store.

Earnhart Law Represents Car Accident Victims

If you’ve been struck in a parking lot or out on the road, you might have a legal claim for compensation. To check, contact Earnhart Law today. You can meet with a Delray Beach car accident attorney for a free consultation by calling 561-265-2220.


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