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Work-Related Tendonitis


Tendons are fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones. They can withstand a significant amount of stress, but a traumatic injury or sometimes even repetitive motions can injure or inflame the tendon. Once that happens, a person has tendonitis, which is a serious and painful injury.

At Earnhart Law, we help those injured in workplace accidents obtain compensation. Do not let your employer or their doctor minimize the pain that you feel. Instead, contact us to review your rights.

How Workers Injure Tendons

Some injuries occur due to trauma. For example, a person could fall a great distance and injure a tendon when they land. Others could be struck by an object, like a piece of machinery.

However, many tendon injuries occur due to excessive stress put on a muscle. A worker can develop tendonitis due to improper lifting technique or overexertion. Other tendon injuries slowly build over time, especially when a person makes repetitive motions. What starts as a slight pain or swelling eventually can become disabling.

Anyone could suffer from tendonitis, but workers in some industries are at higher risk, such as nursing, office work, construction, and assembly line construction. They perform routine tasks that can, over time, lead to injury.

To minimize the risks of tendonitis, workers should obtain necessary training on how to perform tasks like lifting, carrying, and crouching. They should also stretch regularly and take time off if they feel pain in their joints. Those with office jobs should have an ergonomic workstation put up, which can relieve stress on their bodies.

Symptoms of Tendonitis

Most people will realize that something is wrong when they begin to experience pain around a joint, even after resting from work. Other symptoms include tenderness and mild swelling.

Tendonitis is most common around certain joints, which is where many muscles connect to the bone. Workers most typically experience tendonitis in their wrists, knees, shoulders, fingers, or elbows. Always pay close attention to how you are feeling after work and visit a doctor to be diagnosed.

Treating Tendonitis

It is vital that patients receive proper, timely treatment. Unfortunately, some employers or their doctors minimize tendonitis, claiming it is only a temporary injury. Actually, without proper treatment, tendonitis will only worsen progressively.

Some tendonitis will respond to rest, ice, elevation, and compression. However, if the tendon ruptures, then a patient will probably need surgery and rehabilitation to fully heal.

The key is to swiftly respond to pain in a joint before it gets worse. Workers who suffered tendonitis on the job should qualify for workers’ compensation and possibly other benefits. Immediately report the injury to your supervisor before receiving medical care.

Contact Our Delray Beach Workplace Accident Attorneys

Injured workers can receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover the cost of medical care and replace some of their lost wages, but making a correct claim is key. Give Earnhart Law a call to discuss your case at 561-265-2220. Our Delray Beach workplace accident attorneys can review the circumstances and pinpoint other possible sources of compensation in a free consultation.




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