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What to Do Following a “No Damage” Car Accident


Some car accidents are dramatic. A tractor trailer shears the roof off your car, or another vehicle slams into your side, punching a deep depression into the body. Other accidents cause your car to roll over and leave you with compound fractures, facial wounds, and bleeding. From 100 yards away, anyone could tell you were involved in a collision.

But other car accidents are different. They don’t even leave a scratch. You might feel a tap on the bumper, but when you get out of the car you see no obvious damage. You even feel fine. What should you do?

At Earnhart Law, our Delray Beach car accident lawyers are skeptical of the idea of “no damage” car accidents. In reality, many accidents cause more damage than is immediately apparent. In fact, many passengers who feel “fine” following a wreck could quickly experience pain in the days following.

Swap Insurance Information

You might think swapping information is a hassle—why not just shake hands and go your own way?—but your car could have suffered unseen damage. For example, the alignment could be shot or there could be leaks in the radiator or the oil pan. Your car battery could be compromised, and hidden structural defects could render your car unsafe. If you leave without insurance, you’ll have no way to hold the driver responsible if you discover car damage days or weeks down the road.

Of course, no one likes any insurance claims being made against them since claims increase the cost of insurance premiums. The other driver might argue that they see no damage so why not just get on with your day?

Still, people are obligated to swap personal and insurance information following an accident, however minor. And, of course, the other driver might be right and there is no damage. But you need the insurance information just in case there is.

Monitor How You Are Feeling

There is another sensible reason for getting insurance information: you might actually be injured. Some injuries have delayed onset of symptoms. For example, your back might feel 100% fine after someone taps your bumper, but in a day or two your back could lock up in pain. Or you could begin to experience serious headaches, which are signs of a brain or neck injury.

Quickly go to the doctor if you begin to feel unwell. Prompt treatment can aid recovery and document how the accident has affected you.

Some people wonder if they should go to the doctor immediately following an accident even if they feel fine. The answer is probably “yes,” but only if you can afford it. Going soon after the collision helps document that you were involved in a wreck and were willing to take the right steps to treat any injury. However, some people simply don’t have the money to see a doctor. In that case, go as soon as you begin to feel the first symptoms.

Contact Earnhart Law

“No damage” car accidents create unique problems. Some insurers might insist that the accident did not cause any damage or injuries. This is where we can help. Call our Delray Beach car accident attorneys at Earnhart Law at 561-265-2220 to schedule a time to meet.

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