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What Are Long-Term Medical Care Costs Associated with Car Accidents?


Some car accidents are simple fender benders, but others cause devastating injuries, especially collisions at high speeds. If you have been involved in a serious car accident, you could incur mammoth medical bills. Some injuries are so serious that our clients have required ongoing or permanent medical care.

We hope all our clients can eventually achieve 100% recovery from their accidents. But if not, we will fight to get long-term medical care costs as part of your settlement. Below, we highlight some of the more common long-term medical costs incurred by car accident victims.

Pain Management

Some car accident injuries cause chronic pain, and our clients can spend considerable sums trying to manage it. Money can go to prescription drugs or implantation devices that try to block pain through an electronic signal. Some pain might be relieved by surgery or physical therapy, which you might need years down the road.

Medical Equipment

Some clients need equipment to help them maintain independence. For example, someone who has suffered permanent injuries might need a wheelchair to help them get around. Other medical equipment can include an in-home respirator to help a person breathe.

At-Home Attendant

If a client cannot take care of themselves due to disability, they might need someone to come into the home to help them bathe, cook, clean, and get dressed. A helper can also transport our clients to their medical and other appointments and to shop for groceries.

Even if you have a family member take care of you, they will lose out on valuable compensation if they have to give up work to take care of you full-time. Our clients have managed to qualify for compensation to cover the costs of this lifetime care.

Surgical Costs

Some injuries will require repeated surgeries. A back or spinal problem, for example, could degenerate over time, especially due to age. An injured victim should ensure that they have received compensation to cover the costs of future surgeries and after care.

Mental Health Counseling

Traumatic accidents can leave a person struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which might require years of therapy or counseling. Many insurance companies discount the true cost of emotional distress and refuse to offer enough compensation in a settlement to cover these costs. We understand the emotional toll that a car accident can take and will fight to get a fair amount.

Your Health Matters

Serious accidents end up costing our clients tens of thousands of dollars in medical assistance, and sometimes a lot more. Few people have the financial means to pay for all this care, which makes receiving a fair settlement of the utmost importance. Let our Delray Beach car accident attorneys help you with your claim.

Contact Earnhart Law today. Our Delray Beach car accident lawyers have decades of experience helping accident victims like you. We will properly value your injuries and fight to get every last dollar that you are entitled to. To meet with an attorney, please call 561-265-2220.




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