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Unusual Turn Signal Prevents Right-Turn on Green


In Florida, motorists can typically make a right-hand turn on a red light, provided that they come to a complete stop. The stop is necessary to give motorists a chance to look and make sure that no traffic is coming in their lane.

ABC News in Tampa reports on an intersection where motorists are prevented from turning right…even on green. Yes, drivers at the Largo intersection in Tampa often confront a No Turn on Green sign, which was installed to protect pedestrians.

The sign is not on all the time. Instead, pedestrians activate it by hitting the walk button when they want to cross the road. The decision to prohibit right-hand turns on a green light was made to protect pedestrians at the busy intersection. The neighborhood sees considerable foot traffic because of the presence of The Players School of Music and Largo Central Park.

Does the Signal Enhance Safety?

Unfortunately, the No Turn signal at the Largo intersection might be counterproductive. Many drivers ignore it and make a right-hand turn anyway. Pedestrians, by contrast, are given a false sense of security and might not double check that the road is clear before they step out to cross the street.

The Florida Department of Transportation is studying whether to keep the light at the intersection. They claim it was a difficult decision to install the light in the first place, so perhaps they will have second thoughts. Of course, Florida has a terrible safety record for pedestrians. One report put the state dead last in a ranking of the most dangerous states for pedestrians.

Failure to Obey Signal is Negligence

A motorist must operate their vehicle in a safe manner for the benefit of other motorists and pedestrians. Ignoring a No Turn sign is a clear violation of this duty, which will make motorists legally liable for any injuries that they cause. A motorist who negligently injures someone is on the hook for compensation to cover medical care, lost wages, and damage to a person’s property. A victim might also receive pain and suffering compensation.

Make Right on Red Turns Safely

The “No Turn” on Green sign at the Largo intersection is unusual. Instead, most motorists are free to make a right on red provided they follow the rules:

  • Come to a complete stop. A rolling stop really isn’t okay.
  • Look left to make sure there is no oncoming traffic. Don’t try to beat the traffic by hitting the gas pedal to get into the lane.
  • Check right to make sure no pedestrians are crossing the street. Many motorists forget this step and drive straight into a pedestrian.

If you were injured by a motorist making an illegal turn, you might qualify for benefits. Contact Earnhart Law today. A Delray Beach car accident attorney will discuss your options with you, including making a claim on the at-fault driver’s insurance policy.

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