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Serious Soft-Tissue Injuries


Soft-tissue injuries like sprains and strains have a reputation for being relatively “minor” injuries. After all, who hasn’t sprained their ankle or pulled a muscle at some point in their life? If you were like most people, all you needed was an ice pack and some ibuprofen before you were good to go.

Nevertheless, some soft-tissue injuries are serious enough to keep you out of commission for months, and some might even require surgery. These injuries have the potential to generate massive medical bills and prevent you from returning to work, so they can be very costly. At Earnhart Law, we have helped some clients receive compensation when they suffer a soft-tissue injury because of someone else’s negligent conduct.


A contusion is a bruise, which typically results from a direct blow to the body. For example, if you are struck by a car or trip and fall, you can suffer a bad contusion. The black and blue appearance stems from blood vessels bursting and pooling blood below the skin.

Although bruises can disappear in a matter of weeks, a bad contusion can cause damage to underlying muscle and tissue. Some resulting complications include:

  • Myositis Ossificans. The bruised muscle can grow bone instead of regenerating muscle cells. You should treat myositis ossificans with vigorous stretching, ice, and plenty of relaxation.
  • Compartment Syndrome. Bleeding can cause pressure to build up in a muscle, resulting in blocked blood flow. You might require surgery to prevent or halt the problem, otherwise tissue can die if deprived of blood.


Ligaments connect bones to each other, and when you stretch or tear a ligament you suffer a sprain. Mild sprains might only require rest, ice, and elevation, while moderate sprains could require a brace for a period of time. But in a severe sprain, the ligament tears clear away from the bone, requiring surgery so that the joint regains its stability. Severe sprains can require months of recuperation and rehabilitation to regain functioning. Patients might also need medication to deal with persistent pain.


Strains occur when muscle or tendons are stretched or torn. Tendons connect muscles to bones and therefore are vital to mobility and stability. A stretched tendon or muscle might require ice, heat, and rest. But more serious strains can result in a muscle or tendon being torn. In severe cases, a tendon can completely sheer off the bone, requiring surgery. As with sprains, severe strains require extensive rest and rehabilitation, as well as effective pain management.

Compensation is Available

Keys to receiving compensation will be fully documenting the effects of your injury and gathering proof that someone else is to blame. Many clients have been injured on the road, in businesses, or on private property. You should also keep all medical bills and receipts related to medical treatment. Also document whether you miss work, and how much you have lost.

Although each accident is different, Earnhart Law in Delray Beach understands what you need to prove to win your case. To schedule your free consultation with one of our Delray Beach personal injury lawyers, please call 561-265-2220.



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