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Securing Camera Footage After a Hit and Run


After a hit and run incident, victims often find themselves grappling with physical injuries, emotional upset, and the frustration of an unknown perpetrator. While it is not always possible to identify the reckless driver, there are times when an attorney can secure camera footage in order to bring the responsible party to justice.

Accidents where a driver immediately leaves the scene present a unique challenge due to the elusive nature of the responsible party, but a Delray Beach personal injury attorney can assist in obtaining evidence. Lawyers are familiar with how to leverage their expertise and navigate the complexities of surveillance laws.

Role of Lawyers in Securing Camera Footage

Without a readily available party to hold accountable, victims may face difficulties in pursuing legal action and seeking compensation for their injuries and damages. But there are several avenues an attorney can explore.

For example, injury attorneys can swiftly send preservation letters to nearby businesses and establishments. These letters serve as legal notices, urging businesses to retain potential evidence related to the hit and run incident, meaning they do not destroy or record footage over any relevant camera footage.  Additionally, attorneys have the legal authority to issue subpoenas, compelling businesses, traffic management authorities, or even private individuals to produce camera footage.

Lawyers have a full understanding of Florida laws governing surveillance and privacy, so as they investigate a crash location they can determine if there could be a place that collected valuable footage that could be accessed through legal channels.

Types of cameras that could bring the identity of a hit and run driver to light.

  • Traffic management cameras. Traffic authorities have cameras at intersections and along roadways. Attorneys can request footage from these cameras to identify the vehicle involved in the hit and run.
  • Business surveillance recorders. When a business, such as a gas station or convenience store, is located near the accident site, a lawyer can contact them about the possibility of them having a surveillance camera that gathers footage of the accident.
  • Residential security cameras. If the incident occurred in a residential area, attorneys can investigate whether nearby homes have security cameras that may have captured the hit and run.

Because lawyers are well-versed in privacy laws, they will be sure that all obtained footage is collected within legal boundaries. This knowledge is crucial to prevent any legal challenges related to privacy violations.

Additional Sources of Evidence

Of course, your Delray Beach personal injury attorney will explore securing evidence beyond camera footage as well. For instance, there could be physical evidence at the accident site, such as debris from the vehicle, or eyewitnesses who observed the hit and run incident and provide valuable accounts of the event.

How are you going to secure damages after a hit and run accident? Camera footage could be part of fortifying your case. The attorneys at Earnhart Law will work to access the visual documentation you need through preservation letters and subpoenas. Connect with over 30 years of legal experience and protect your rights, schedule your fee-free consultation today. Call 561-265-2220 or contact us online.

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