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School Buses And Traffic Accidents


School buses are a common way for kids to move from their neighborhoods to their schools. And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traveling in a school bus is safer than moving from place to place in passenger vehicles. That said, accidents can happen. Taking all the precautions you can is best, and if an injury is sustained, seek medical treatment without delay.

When a vehicle hits a school bus or a school bus collides with objects or cars, there could be the need for damage recovery from an insurance claim or through legal action. Discuss the particulars of your situation with a Delray Beach personal injury attorney

Liability and Multiple Insurance Plans

If an accident involving a school bus results in injuries, the school district, bus company, and other organizations could become involved in settlement negotiations. This can be particularly true if injuries require a lot of medical care, resulting in high fees.

Many things will be assessed, including if the bussing company was following hiring guidelines to ensure bus drivers were properly trained. But the bus driver isn’t the only one that could carry negligence. Another driver could have contributed to the event as well as bad weather or vehicular defects.

How an Accident Lawyer Can Help

After an accident injury, an experienced attorney can review the data and inform you of possible paths to competition. This is true if your collision involved passenger cars or vehicles driven by people who were doing so as part of their employment, such as commercial truck operators, school bus drivers, and rideshare drivers. When it comes to accidents involving work vehicles, it is possible multiple insurance companies will be active throughout the negotiation process.

What type of compensation you need will depend on the details of your case. Personal injury insurance claims and lawsuits have secured monetary packages for doctor bills, physical therapy fees, lost income, emotional distress, and more. Have your unique circumstances reviewed by a legal team without delay. Connecting with an attorney early in the process means witness accounts can be secured while the event is still clearly remembered and photos of the accident site could provide clear clues on the cause of the crash.

When a company vehicle is part of the negotiation process, having a Delray Beach personal injury attorney advocating for you can strengthen your need for recovery. Bus companies and trucking businesses have legal teams protecting their interests, you need an attorney who is looking out for you.

Do you have questions about damage recovery after an accident? You do not have to become an expert in personal injury law and negotiation, there are experts available to provide that service for you. To get started, connect with the attorneys at Earnhart Law in Delray Beach. Because our attorneys have been advocating for our clients for over 30 years, we know how to secure your goals and obtain maximum settlements. Call our office at 561-265-2220 or contact us online to schedule your confidential, fee-free consultation.



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