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Pressure Cooker Injuries


Pressure cookers have become very popular in recent years, offering a convenient way of cooking food rapidly. Unfortunately, because of their design, pressure cookers can be dangerous. They work by trapping the steam generated by the cooking liquid, which increases the pressure inside the cooker, as well as the temperature. Unfortunately, when a pressure cooker is defective, it can badly burn a user.

If you have been injured by a faulty pressure cooker, you might be able to bring a lawsuit for compensation. But you should consult with an experienced Delray Beach personal injury lawyer first.

Pressure Cooker Burns

Although they are very popular, pressure cookers have caused many significant injuries over the years. According to the National Injury Surveillance System, almost 40 people went to the emergency room because of a pressure cooker incident. When a cooker is defective, the building pressure inside the vessel can cause the entire contraption to explode.

Burns are a common injury. The steam trapped in the pressure cooker can escape, rapidly scalding the arms, face, neck, and chest of anyone nearby. Also, whatever food was cooking in the pressure cooker could fly out during an explosion and burn someone by direct contact.

Burns are very expensive to treat—and painful. Often, victims need the affected skin removed and new skin grafted onto the area, which can lead to complications, including infections. When bad burns cover a large part of the body, a victim can die.

Common Pressure Cooker Defects

The vast majority of pressure cookers are safe. If you are interested in using a pressure cooker, you can research reputable models and buy one that has a proven track record. Nevertheless, some common defects have led to burns and other injuries over the years, such as:

  • Malfunctioning locking mechanism, which allows the lid to be lifted before all the pressure is released
  • Defective lid seals, allowing steam to leak
  • Defective release valves, which prevent steam from releasing and cause pressure to build
  • Inadequate steam ventilation
  • Malfunctioning safety pins on the lid

If you have been burned or otherwise injured, the key to your case will be to identify the defective or malfunctioning part. Often, pressure cookers are defective in how they are manufactured, though some designs might also be defective. When a pressure cooker is designed improperly, many people are hurt, and the product is often recalled.

What to Do after a Pressure Cooker Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured, do the following:

  • Receive immediate medical treatment. Burns can quickly become infected, so go to the hospital unless you have a very tiny burn, which you can clean and dress at home with a sterile bandage.
  • Save the pressure cooker. Your attorney will want to view it to see if it is defective. Don’t throw the cooker away.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney. Your attorney can analyze whether you have a claim against the manufacturer or another entity in the distribution network.

Earnhart Law has assisted many victims of defective products receive medical care, as well as compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering. If you want to talk about your case, please call us at 561-265-2220 for a free consultation.




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