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Intersections and Car Collision Risks


While intersections are essential in order for people to move through Florida roadways, they are also one of the most common locations for car collisions in Delray Beach and around the county. These traffic junctions, where two or more roads meet, can be hotspots for vehicular collisions due to the convergence of many cars, trucks, bikes, and motorcycles coming from various directions.

If you were involved in an intersection collision, you may be confused about how to pay off our accident expenses, from damage to your vehicle to fees associated with an accident-related injury. To explore your financial recovery options, have a conversation with a Delray Beach personal injury attorney.

Understanding Why Intersection Collision Occur

Intersections are inherently risky places because they are locations where vehicles traveling in different directions intersect. There are multiple points of potential conflict, increasing the likelihood of collisions.

It is also true that vehicles approaching intersections are often traveling at different speeds, making it challenging for other drivers to accurately anticipate the movements of others. These movement complications can be elevated when there are complex traffic patterns that require careful assessment or an intersection has limited visibility due to obstructions, such as trees, buildings, or parked vehicles, which can make it harder to see oncoming traffic.

Several types of collisions are prevalent at intersections, including the following.

  • Side-impact collisions. Also sometimes referred to as t-bone collisions, these occur when one vehicle collides with the side of another, forming a T shape, and often happen when a driver fails to yield the right of way.
  • Rear-end impacts. This type of collision occurs when a vehicle strikes the rear of another vehicle, and at intersections this can happen when a driver doesn’t stop in time at a red light or stop sign.
  • Left-turn collisions. When a driver makes a left turn and is not carefully reviewing intersection risks, they may make their turn across the path of an oncoming vehicle, leading to a collision.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist accidents. Intersections are not only dangerous for motorists but also for pedestrians and cyclists who travel around Florida on bike and foot. When drivers fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks or cyclists in bike lanes, there is the possibility of collisions and serious injuries.

There are things you can do to help avoid intersection collisions as a motorist, such as maintaining a safe following distance from the vehicles in front of you and always using your turn signals to indicate your intentions to others.

Seek Legal Help After an Intersection Collision

Despite taking precautions, sometimes accidents occur at intersections due to negligence. If you’ve been injured in an intersection collision, seek legal assistance from a Delray Beach personal injury attorney who has experience in assessing liability, collecting evidence, and pursuing a full and fair settlement.

Was an inattentive driver the reason you were involved in an accident in a Florida intersection? Talk through the details of your situation with the lawyers at Earnhart Law in Delray Beach. Call 561-265-2220 or contact us online.

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