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How Insurance Companies Try To Trick You


After an accident, insurance companies often do not have the injury victim’s best interests in mind. An insurer’s goal is to settle a claim as quickly as possible for as little as possible, regardless of whether that compensation is enough to cover the damages incurred by the victim. Insurance companies rely on a number of tricks to try and mitigate or eliminate an injury claim, which is why you need an experienced lawyer by your side after an accident. At Earnhart Law, our knowledgeable Delray Beach personal injury lawyers are prepared to zealously advocate for the compensation you deserve after an accident. To learn more, call or contact our office today.

Claiming You Do Not Need a Lawyer

One of the most common tricks pulled by insurance companies is to claim that an injury victim does not need a lawyer. They will suggest that only people with something to hide after an accident need an attorney, but that is simply not true. A lawyer understands how the insurers work and protect the compensation rights of their clients after an accident.

Recording Statements Against Your Interest

Insurers will often request a recorded statement by the injury victim about the details of the accident. The purpose of the recorded statement is to find details that can be used against the victim to minimize or eliminate their claims. Typically, the insurance adjuster will ask questions to try and establish that the victim’s injuries were not as serious as they claim or that they were actually at fault for the accident.

Offering a Quick Settlement

Another trick used by insurance companies is to offer a quick settlement immediately after an accident. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, a settlement may seem enticing, but the amount offered is always less than what the claim is truly worth. An experienced lawyer understands that it takes time to determine the full range of economic and noneconomic costs for an injury victim.

Setting Arbitrary Deadlines

Insurance companies will also set arbitrary deadlines for steps within the claims process. One of the most common examples is an ultimatum to take a settlement by a certain date or to submit the entirety of documentation about the costs associated with the accident, even if there are additional expenses that may be incurred in the future. A knowledgeable lawyer understands what the legal deadlines are and can call out an insurance company on arbitrary deadlines used to try and pressure an injury victim into settlement.

Talk to Our Office Now

At Earnhart Law, our dedicated and experienced Florida personal injury lawyers have years of experience taking on the insurance companies after an accident. We know what tricks they pull to try and compel victims into settlements that are worth far less than they are owed. If you or someone that you know has been involved in an accident, call or contact our office today to schedule a free consultation of your case.

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