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Drowsy Driving And Florida Accident Risks


When residents of Palm Beach county are traveling to work or social engagements, they are often doing so without giving a thought to if they are well rested enough to be driving a vehicle. But sleep deprivation and drowsy driving is very dangerous. Florida crashes involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles have resulted from drivers falling asleep or being so tired they do not respond to road risks effectively.

If you are recovering from an accident injury you believe a drowsy vehicle operator was the at-fault driver, talk to a Delray Beach personal injury attorney about your right to damage recovery compensation.

Sleep Deprivations and Reduction of Driving Skills

While it is widely understood that driving under the influence of alcohol is reckless and dangerous, it is less common for tired drivers to see there is a similar reduction in driving skills when a person is sleep deprived. According to one study, a person who has not had any sleep over a 24 hour period experiences the same reduction in technical vehicle operation skills as a person with a 1.0 alcohol level. In Florida, the legal limit for driving is .08. When you consider these figures it is clear that a person who has not slept for a full day is creating similar road risks as a person who is driving drunk.

In addition, some who are having trouble sleeping rely on sleep aids to get some sleep, when they can. But sleep aids often need at least seven hours to be fully processed by the human body. Getting behind the wheel while you are groggy, sleep deprived, and under the influence of a sleep aid can lead to vehicular crashes and accident injuries.

Tips to Avoid Drowsy Driving

While you can’t control others on Florida roadways, you can take steps to keep yourself and your passengers safe when driving. The following can help to avoid collisions.

  • If you are too tired to drive or have not slept for an extended period, ask someone else to drive or reschedule your trip.
  • Notice the signals your body is giving you. Repetitive yawning and wandering thoughts could mean you need to rest.
  • Keep short-term energy boosts to a minimum. If you need to sleep, it’s time to rest. Coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated products will not eliminate the need for shut eye.

To fully understand your rights following a Palm Beach county collision, talk to a reputable Delray Beach personal injury attorney. Experienced attorneys are familiar with a range of accident claims, including cases involving sleep deprived drivers.

Do you need legal guidance on how to establish liability and move forward with a claim or lawsuit? The attorneys at Earnhart Law are skilled at determining the strongest path to a maximum compensation settlement. Our skilled lawyers have been representing clients in personal injury cases for over 30 years, and we keep our clients informed throughout the process so that they can make a decision on the best resolution for their future. To schedule a free consultation, call our office at 561-265-2220 or contact us online.

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