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Different Types of Gas Station Injuries


For drivers, gas stations are a ubiquitous part of daily life. These locations are an important way to fuel our vehicles and are often a way to access conveniences. Often busy establishments, there are dangers at gas stations that can lead to serious injuries.

When you understand station hazards, it can be a way to avoid harm. Should an accident occur, despite your efforts to stay safe, you can seek recourse if you are injured due to negligence. If you need support as you move to obtain damage relief, reach out to a knowledgeable Delray Beach personal injury attorney for assistance.

Car Collisions, Burns, and Slip Accidents

Because gas stations are places where vehicles come and go throughout the day and night, many gas station injuries are connected to car accidents. Whether it’s a low-impact fender bender in a parking lot adjacent to the fueling area or a more serious crash at the gas pumps, accidents can lead to significant injuries and property damage.

Another perilous hazard at gas stations is the risk of burns from leaking hoses or faulty equipment. Fuel spills and malfunctioning pumps can lead to the sudden release of flammable liquids, causing fires or explosions. Injuries from burns can be severe and may require extensive medical treatment, leading to physical pain and emotional distress for the victim.

There are also the risks of slip, trip, and falls, accident hazards that are increased when there is inclement weather or when spills are not promptly cleaned up. Slippery surfaces, uneven pavement, or debris on the ground can cause unsuspecting patrons to lose their footing and suffer injuries ranging from minor bruises to serious fractures or head trauma.

Who to Hold Accountable

Gas station injury liability will vary depending on the circumstances of the accident. In cases involving car accidents, an at-fault driver could be held responsible, but if the accident was the result of unsafe conditions on the gas station premises, the property owner could also be held liable. And if a burn injury occurs due to malfunctioning gas stations equipment, the manufacturer of that equipment may be held accountable for the harm suffered.

With a range of recovery paths to consider, navigating the legal complexities of gas station injury claims in Florida can be challenging. If you have questions about who should be held accountable for your Florida gas station injury, talk to Delray Beach personal injury attorney who specializes in representing victims and fighting for the compensation they deserve. Whether through negotiation or litigation, dedicated attorneys know how to hold negligent parties accountable and secure justice.

Is a property owner’s negligence connected to your gas station injury? While gas stations may appear to be harmless establishments, there are various risks that can result in serious injuries and the need for financial relief. If your medical care has led to high expenses, talk to the lawyers at Earnhart Law in Delray Beach about the possibility of obtaining compensation. To schedule your fee-free consultation, simply call 561-265-2220 or contact us online.

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