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Different Types Of Distracted Driving


One of the most common reasons for a car accident in Florida is because a driver is distracted behind the wheel. Distracted driving takes many forms, and all can be dangerous that can result in serious accidents on the roadway. When an accident happens because of distracted driving, victims deserve to be compensated for their injuries, and the skilled car accident lawyers at Earnhart Law in Delray Beach are here to help. Call or contact our office today to schedule a free evaluation of your injury claims.

Visual Distracted Driving

Anything that takes a driver’s attention away from the road is considered distracted driving, and these behaviors typically fall into three categories. The first category is visual distracted driving, which occurs when a driver takes their eyes off of the road. Some of the most common examples of visual distracted driving include looking at the radio, at a cell phone, reading a map, looking at other passengers in the vehicle, or looking at a distraction near the roadway like another accident or animal.

Manual Distracted Driving

Around three thousand people are killed on average every year because of distracted driving, and another 400,000 people are injured in distracted driving accidents annually. The second type of distracted driving is known as manual distracted driving. This occurs when a driver takes their hands off of the wheel while the vehicle is in motion. Typing a text message, using a navigation system, eating, applying makeup, and other grooming are all examples of manual distracted driving.

Cognitive Distracted Driving

About one in five people, or around twenty percent, of all victims in distracted driving accidents are not even in a vehicle when the crash occurs. They are pedestrians, cyclists, and others outside of a vehicle at the time of the accident. The other eighty percent are either in the distracted driver’s vehicle or another car at the time of the crash. The third and final type of distracted driving is known as cognitive distracted driving. This type of distracted driving occurs when a driver takes their mind off of what they are doing behind the wheel.

Cognitive distracted driving can be difficult to prove, but it can be as simple as daydreaming while driving or thinking about a response to a message received while behind the wheel. Thinking about things to do, errands that need to be run, conversations to have, or anything else that pulls attention away from driving can be considered cognitive distracted driving. To learn more about whether you have a claim for damages after a distracted driving accident, talk to our office today.

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Distracted driving takes many forms, and all can lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries on the Florida roads. At Earnhart Law in Delray Beach, we understand how difficult the aftermath of a car accident can be for victims and their loved ones. To speak with an experienced and dedicated Delray Beach personal injury attorney about your claims, call the office or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation of your case.



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