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Delayed Treatments And Medical Claims


Being diagnosed with cancer or any other serious health issue is a scary reality for many families. And most people know a family member, coworker, friend, or neighbor who has fought a potentially life-threatening illness. While cancer is one word, it actually refers to a range of diseases as a result of abnormal cell growth. Sometimes treatments can turn a person’s health around, but in order for a person to achieve the best outcome, it is typically necessary to discover the area affected by cancer early.

When cancer spreads, treatments become more complicated. Thankfully there are many resources available to people who live in or near Delray Beach, such as the Baptist Health Lynn Cancer Institute and the Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute. These institutes and other local health centers save lives.

But there are times when outcomes are not optimal, and sometimes this is due to a medical error or a delayed diagnosis, and the ill individual’s health deteriorates as a result. If this is true for you, you may be wondering if you have a path to justice through the Florida legal system. To talk through your options, connect with a Delray Beach personal injury attorney

Different Mistakes that Can Lead to Diagnosis Delays and Health Issues

Timely treatments following a cancer diagnosis and fast treatments can heal an individual. If you believe you did not receive proper care, it could be connected to any of the following issues:

  • Your doctor failed to notice and identify the cancer concern.
  • Healthcare team did not provide care that was acceptable.
  • Tests were not ordered, misinterpreted, or were completely lost by medical staff.
  • Communication between doctors failed.
  • Clear indicators should have led to a specialist referral.

When you bring your concern to the attention of a seasoned attorney and they are able to secure evidence to connect the harm you experienced to medical negligence, a claim is possible.

Connect with an Attorney to Discuss Your Circumstances

Healthcare workers have a responsibility to provide the same level of quality care to all of their patients. Yes, mistakes happen from time to time, but if there is proof that a situation should have been handled differently, there could be a path to damage recovery.

For example, it is common for doctors to order blood work and scans, such as CATs and MRIs, to assess an individual’s health. If those tests were not ordered and should have been, given the other indicators of a health issue, talk to a legal professional. Then, your Delray Beach personal injury attorney can inform you of next steps.

Was a doctor at the medical center where you received care negligent? A lawyer who has experience with medical malpractice claims will work to secure the compensation required to pay for additional healthcare, if needed. If you are wondering what is possible for your unique situation, have a conversation with the skilled attorneys at Earnhart Law in Delray Beach. With over 30 years of experience handling personal injury cases, our attorneys will inform you of your rights. To begin the discussion, call 561-265-2220 or contact us online.

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