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Common Reasons Truck Jackknife


Large commercial truck-trailers are sometimes referred to as big rigs, and a jackknife accident is when the trailer of a large semi and the towing truck go out of alignment, causing the trailer to swing wide, possibly into other lanes of the road or highway. Jackknife accidents can put everyone around the truck in grave danger as semis are large and heavy.

If you were involved in an accident involving a jackknifed semi, it is possible your car was hit or pushed off of the road. Serious injuries and large, ongoing medical bills can follow a Florida truck crash. To determine the worth for your claim, connect with a Delray Beach car accident attorney.

Inexperienced Drivers, Speeding, and Imbalanced Cargo

There are a variety of reasons why jackknife accidents occur. Low visibility during bad weather can contribute to vehicular accidents, sometimes through no fault of the driver. But there are other situations in which driver error resulted in a collision.

Semi-truck operator errors:

  • Driver inexperienced at braking. With such a heavy, huge machine, there are established braking techniques that a big rig driver must master to operate the vehicle safely.
  • Traveling too fast. While there are timelines truckers need to match, traveling at a high speed increases accident risks.
  • Trailers overloaded or loaded poorly. All cargo needs to be secured appropriately. Then, if there is an unexpected movement, the truck will remain balanced.
  • Alcohol and drug use. Drivers need to be sober, focused, well-rested, and attentive in order to effectively manage their vehicles.

Equipment malfunction could also be to blame. Because there are so many variables to consider, talking to a legal professional about the worth of your claim before agreeing to any settlement offers is advised.

Trucking Companies Have Their Own Legal Teams

Determining liability can be complicated, and trucking companies have lawyers they work with regularly, legal professionals who are ready to assess the details of an accident immediately. Fighting for your own rights against an experienced team of lawyers can be daunting and may not result in the compensation you need to move past the accident. Connect with an attorney who is skilled in representing clients injured in truck accidents.

Proving a driver was not trained appropriately or a truck was loaded incorrectly can be difficult. But a seasoned  Delray Beach car accident attorney knows how to secure the evidence required. Plus, it is possible fault lies beyond the trucking company itself. If the accident was due to poor maintenance, the company hired to provide truck maintenance could be held liable, particularly if upkeep was ignored or recalls were not performed to standards set at a federal level or were completely overlooked.

Is it a struggle for you and your family to heal emotionally and financially after a jackknife accident? The qualified lawyers at Earnhart Law will fight for a full and fair settlement package. With over 30 years advocating for car accident victims, we have the experience you need. Call our office at 561-265-2220 or contact us online today.

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