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Bicycle Laws And Visibility Requirements


There are many advantages to riding a bike. Individuals who choose to use their bicycles as a form of transportation may find they save money because they don’t need to gas up their car as often. Additionally, they are likely increasing their fitness level as they run errands or bike to a friend’s house. But of course, there are times when accidents occur, leading to injuries.

As a Florida bicyclist, doing all you can to keep yourself out of harm’s way, including following bike laws and not allowing your focus to drift, paying attention to traffic and signage is an important part of bicycle safety. And if you or someone you care about was injured when riding a bike, talk to a Delray Beach personal injury attorney about damage recovery options.

Bicycle Visibility and Florida Law

There are laws in place to help protect bicyclists. One of them is that all bikes being used between sunset and sunrise need to have lights. The front lamp needs to illuminate a minimum of 500 feet forward. A rear lamp and reflector is also required. The rear illumination must be visible from 600 feet behind the bike. If a bicyclist does not have these important visibility tools in place, law enforcement could issue the rider a citation.

And as you ride, pay attention to others on the road. All too frequently car drivers do not notice bicyclists. When car drivers or bike riders are not focused on the task at hand, it is possible the cyclist will ride into an opening car door or be struck when a driver is distracted by their mobile device or GPS system.

Maintain a safe speed and follow all traffic signs and signals, including coming to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights. Using hand signals is also helpful as it alerts riders to changes in your behavior, such as turning, as well.

A Florida Bicycle Attorney Can Help

If you were injured despite adhering to safety guidelines, know that there are timelines to follow if you have been hurt on a bike. Lawsuits must be filed within four years of the injurious event in the state of Florida. Discuss your case with a Delray Beach personal injury attorney as soon as possible. While four years may sound like a long time, there are many details to attend to and witnesses will be increasingly difficult to track down as time progresses. Plus, their memory of the event may fade. Moving toward a resolution quickly is typically best for all involved.

Were you injured when riding your bike in Delray Beach? The attorneys at Earnhart Law can help. Once a path forward is determined, our skilled lawyers will fight for a full and fair compensation settlement. We have been handling personal injury cases for over 30 years and we don’t get paid until you receive compensation. Call our office at 561-265-2220 or contact us online to learn more. Connecting with an attorney means you will learn about the worth of your claim and what documentation is needed to strengthen your Florida claim.

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