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7 Steps to Driving Safe with Pets


Pets can bring a lot of joy to life. Many Floridians enjoy living with their furry companions and travel with them regularly. Whether you plan to take a long road trip with your loyal dog or you need to take your pet on a short drive around Delray Beach, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone in the car, including your pet, stays safe during the ride.

Distractions caused by unrestrained pets can lead to collisions. If you sustained an injury when driving with a pet or your pet was injured as a result of a collision and you are coping with veterinary bills, talk to a Delray Beach personal injury attorney about damage recovery in order to protect your finances today and into the future.

Secure Pets and Planning Pit Stops

One important safety measure is securing your pet properly when taking them with you on a drive. The restraint you choose will depend on your pet and your vehicle. For instance, you may opt for a pet seatbelt, a pet carrier, or a car harness. There are a range of restraint systems designed to keep pets secure and minimize their movement, so you should be able to find a restraint system that is comfortable for your pet and fits your lifestyle.

If you need advice on which system could work for you, discuss your needs with a trusted veterinarian. Some pet owners who have large vehicles find that pet barriers are a good option. Pet barriers designate a space of the car, such as the cargo area or backseat, for animals so they are not able to jump into the front seat and interfere with the driver’s ability to fully focus and reach the necessary driving controls.

Also, when taking long drives, remember that animals, just like humans, benefit from breaks. Planned pit stops give both you and your pets a chance to go to the bathroom, stretch your legs, and consume some water and snacks. This will support everyone’s comfort and reduce stress levels in the vehicle.

Familiarize Your Pet with the Car

If you are new to pet ownership, know that familiarizing your pet with your vehicle will reduce the likelihood of a distressed pet distracting you while you are driving throughout Florida and beyond. So embark on short drives before setting out on a cross country trip, doing so will help them acclimate to the vehicle’s motion and sounds. Then, you can gradually increase trip durations in order to build their confidence and reduce anxiety.

Distracted driving, from unrestrained animals or other distractions within or outside of the vehicle, can lead to accidents. Consult with a Delray Beach personal injury attorney to understand your rights and responsibilities if you have accident-related expenses, including costs for pet care and your own medical fees.

Was your pet hurt in a Florida car collision? Your veterinary bills could be covered through an insurance settlement. Talk to the lawyers at Earnhart Law in Delray Beach to explore your options. Call 561-265-2220 or contact us online.

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