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Car Technology Aims to Reduce Distracted Driving


Distracted driving has been called a “silent killer” on America’s roads. According to statistics, thousands of people are injured every day by a distracted driver, and hundreds are killed every week. When a driver fails to give adequate attention to driving, innocent people end up injured.

A recent article highlights some of the technology that car manufacturers have designed to fight distracted driving. However, it remains up to all of us to commit to focusing more on the task at hand.

Lane Departure Warnings

This is established technology that already exists on many vehicles. Sensors on the vehicle will identify where the car is in relation to the lane and will warn the driver if the car drifts over the center line. The driver, once alerted, can pull back into their lane before slamming head-on with another vehicle.

Smartphone Integration Systems

Smartphones are a big source of distraction for drivers. It is incredibly easy to reach for a phone and try to quickly read a text while a vehicle is in motion. Unfortunately, drivers can travel the length of a football field by reading even a short text and can end up mowing down pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers without even seeing them.

Manufacturers have responded by creating smartphone integration systems that are included in most vehicles sold today. It works like this: a driver connects their Apple or Android phone to the vehicle, and your apps show on the infotainment system panel.

This might sound like another source of distraction. But the systems have voice control that allows a driver to hear a text read and reply by talking. As a result, a driver should be able to keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road even when communicating. Of course, the ideal situation is to turn the phone off for the duration of the trip, but these integration systems at least improve a driver’s attention.

Driver Monitoring Systems

These systems represent the cutting edge of driver safety technology. Essentially, manufacturers install sensors and cameras inside the vehicle. Using facial recognition technology, it can identify when a driver is showing signs of fatigue or distraction. If the technology senses that you are becoming distracted (or tired), it can notify you to pay more attention to driving. This technology has been installed by Subaru and BMW, among other manufacturers.

Other vehicles have sensors that detect whether your hands are on the wheel. Eating and smoking are two activities that also cause many distracted driving accidents. Removing even one hand makes it harder to gain control of the vehicle in a pinch. In these vehicles with advanced cruise control systems, removing a hand will cause the cruise control to shut off.

Were You Injured by a Distracted Driver? We Can Help

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