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What Causes Truck Rollover Accidents?


While truck rollover accidents are one of the least common types of crashes, they are also one of the most likely to result in injuries and death. Truck rollover accidents are often so devastating because of the complete loss of control of such a large vehicle, and there are many reasons why a truck rollover accident might occur. At Earnhart Law, our experienced personal injury lawyers are prepared to zealously advocate for you and your loved ones after an accident. Call or contact our office today to schedule a free evaluation of your case.

Improper Truck Maintenance

Improper truck maintenance is one of the most common causes of truck rollover accidents. When a truck is not properly maintained, parts and equipment can break, which in turn can cause an accident that results in a rollover crash. Faulty brakes and tire blowouts are the most common parts that, when improperly maintained, can cause a rollover crash. When improper maintenance causes a rollover, there are many parties that may be liable for the crash.

Improper Loading

Another common cause of truck rollovers is the improper loading of the cargo area of the truck. If the cargo is not secured properly or balanced throughout the cargo area it can shift or tumble, which can drastically increase the chances of a rollover accident when the weight is thrown off in the back of the truck. Rollovers can also happen with liquid cargo when the truck is not fully loaded. A partially loaded truck allows the liquid to slosh from side to side, which can in turn cause the truck to roll. In many cases, the truck driver and trucking company can be liable for this type of rollover accident.


Speeding also causes truck rollover accidents, both when truck drivers are driving over the speed limit and when they are driving too fast for inclement conditions. Driving too fast can create greater forces if the truck needs to stop or turn suddenly, which can cause the truck to flip and turn over. A truck can also rollover when going too fast and the driver attempts to get on or off an exit ramp.

Driver Error

Lastly, truck rollover accidents can be caused by driver error. Driving negligence alone can cause a rollover or when it happens in conjunction with another issue like improper loading. Driver negligence can include distracted driving, driving and texting, driving while fatigued, driving under the influence of alcohol or stimulant drugs, and other negligent or reckless behavior. To learn more about why rollover accidents happen with large commercial trucks talk to our office today.

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